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Bag policy for Beyoncé show at Cardinal Stadium in Louisville

Aug 12, 2023

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The perfect Beyoncé outfit needs the perfect bag, but what can you bring to her show?

L&N Stadium in Louisville, where Queen Bey will be performing Monday, has a strict bag policy.

You can either bring a small clutch or a bigger bag that's clear.

Clear totes should not be over 12”x 6”x12”. You can also bring a plastic storage bag.

The stadium also mentions that you can bring a small clutch bag that does not have to be clear, but they don’t provide specific dimensions.

Every other kind of bag is prohibited.

Non-clear purses (bigger than a clutch), and any kind of backpack, fanny pack, camera bag etc., cannot be brought into the stadium.

However, if you have a medical or diaper bag (with a child), you can bring it, but they will be searched at the gate.

Purses inside a clear bag will not be allowed in.

You also may want to know you can't have umbrellas, since it may rain, but ponchos are allowed.

Additional rules include:

Click here for L&N rules.