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The Best Ornament Storage Boxes for 2023

Jun 12, 2023

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Stay organized and store all of your ornaments in one place with boxes, bins and plastic containers.

Putting up your Christmas tree is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit, but digging through old boxes and bags for ornaments can also channel your inner Grinch. It's exhausting, frustrating, and worst of all, time-consuming. This holiday season, save yourself the stress by investing in ornament storage boxes. They will keep your decor organized, easily-accessible, and protected from damage for years to come.

When shopping for ornament storage receptacles, it's important to look at the size, material and overall functionality of the container:

Size: If you have extra garage space, you might be able to handle having multiple storage bins that range in height and depth. If you don't, it could be worthwhile to look at storage boxes that are more shallow, but longer.

Material: This is important to consider depending on the environment your ornaments are going to be stored in. Durable plastic will protect your decor from water, damage and dust. Softer fabric materials will allow in a little more air and moisture if stored in a dry area.

Functionality: If you have ornaments that are larger than the standard size of three inches, you'll need compartments that have the capacity to fit bigger decor. Or if you just want to avoid the ornament search party, consider storage that extends, has clear panels for full viewing capability, or interior and exterior pockets for extra organization.

The ornament storage boxes we reviewed below have an average customer rating of four stars or more. We considered a wide range of sizes and styles as mentioned above, and also across multiple price points ranging from under $15 to more than $200. Overall, we selected storage boxes based on a variety of needs like long-lasting quality, large ornament collections, space-saving and budgets. We've curated a list of the best ornament storage boxes of 2022 to save you stress before the next holiday season.

The dividers and trays of this storage box are made with acid-free materials which protects your ornaments from fading and becoming discolored over time. The trays are removable, so you can view each row of 24 ornaments independently. The box can hold up to 72 ornaments in total, and the side handles make for easy carrying and accessibility if stored on a shelf.

Unique ornaments besides the standard spherical shapes might not fit in a standard storage box, as there are usually dimensional differences or even attached pieces for extra embellishment. While this storage box does contain five removable trays for ornaments between three and four inches, it also has the capability to store a variety of figurine sizes, up to 18-inches tall. There are also side and interior pockets where you can organize additional decor like tinsel and bows. The canvas material wards off moisture to protect your decorations and will help to maintain their longevity.

Stacking your ornament storage bins is a great way to save space and stay organized. The lids on these boxes are hinged and have a winged design, so they interlock and lay completely flat for sturdy and stable stacking. There are three trays with dividers so you can separate by row and the bins can hold up to 75 standard-sized ornaments altogether. Added bonus is that this selection is a two-pack, so you'll get double the storage capacity with one purchase.

If you have a collection of all different ornaments rather than one specific scheme, it could be helpful to have a see-through storage bin to identify which ornaments are inside without having to open the box. This design has transparent panels so you can view all of your ornaments, as well as a card slot for easy identification. The storage box is water-resistant, and can fit up to 64 ornaments. The price is very reasonable, so purchasing multiple boxes won't break the bank.

While there are less compartments in this storage box compared to some of the other options on this list, this design has the capability to house ornaments that are larger than the average size of three inches. The dividers are stackable and removable, so you can organize in a way that is most convenient for you. If you want to utilize as much of the bin depth as possible, consider doubling up on small to medium-sized ornaments per compartment.

Utilize the untouched top rack of your closet or basement shelves by opting for storage that is a longer length but shorter in height. This compact design from Zober is only six inches tall, but 24-inches long. It has four individual trays that are divided into gridded slots, and each can be removed and have side handles for easy access to all of your ornaments. The thick oxford fabric and cardboard construction will protect your precious collection from dust and other damage.

This might be the priciest storage container you've come across, but it's multi-purpose functionality and quality makes it a good, long-term investment. The metal frame is telescoping, meaning that each tray extends/collapses so you can view every row of ornaments and easily access each one. The compartments are lined with a plush polyester fabric to protect your decor from scratches, scuffs and breaks. Plus, the bag is built on wheels so you can simply roll it into storage rather than having to do any lifting.

Another convenient design from Zober, this shallow and extra-long storage box can slide right under your bed frame for out-of-the-way organization. There are six individual trays, so you can store a whopping 96 ornaments in one place. The frosty panels allow you to see what's inside the box before opening, and the dual zippers on the top and bottom allow for a neat collapse when not in use. At less than $50 per storage bin, you get a great amount of storage for a decent price.

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