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Sai De Silva Defends Overpacking for RHONY Hamptons Trip: WWHL

Jul 17, 2023

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The RHONY newcomer explained on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that "a girl needs options."

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Sai de Silva is unpacking the drama, defending her decision to bring so many clothes for such a small trip.

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The RHONY newcomer and content creator appeared on the July 30, 2023 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss what went down at Erin Lichy’s sleepover in the Hamptons, including Jessel Taank’s lingerie fiasco and the specificities of toilet paper.

Sai and Andy also touched on the mountains of clothes she took to the Hamptons, as seen on RHONY Season 14, Episode 2, and it sounds like Sai has zero regrets.

Ubah Hassan met Sai at her Brooklyn brownstone home before setting off for a three-day, off-season trip at Erin’s Sag Harbor home. Sai emerged with no less than eight suitcases and garment bags, helping the driver stuff the vehicle to the brim — and all before having to pick up Jessel and her luggage.

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“Sai packed for every single Instagram post that she’s gonna post for the next six months,” said Ubah. “The girl is all about content.”

On WWHL, fans asked how many of the outfits Sai wore to Long Island’s east end.

“I actually tried them all on; I mixed and matched,” said Sai. “But how many did I actually wear is probably six or seven.”

In the RHONY episode, Sai admitted she had to pack for many different vibes.

“I pack for my moods,” Said admitted, listing her looks off individually. “Overly glamorous; cranky bitch; country club; equestrian life; around the way chick; hipster who lives in Williamsburg [Brooklyn] ‘cuz I definitely have some UGG slides; an Upper East Side rich bitch…”

Sai told RHONY producers she planned on wearing each and every look.

“Do we remember that I am a content creator?” said Sai. “I’m here to serve.”

Sai discussed celebrating her wins, something the Brooklynite refers to as “W”s, with Andy. She admitted packing all that luggage was “a ‘W’ for me.”

“I don’t know what we were doing,” Sai admitted about the trip. “There was no itinerary attached.”

A quick look at Sai’s Instagram reveals she goes few places without dressing up in the trendiest outfits and making the most Instragrammable content you’ll see.

“Be prepared,” Sai maintained on WWHL. “A girl needs options.”

But the comment to Sai about not having an itinerary from Erin could be interpreted as a jab, especially given her comments later in the WWHL episode. Sitting alongside The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore, Sai was asked by fans to rate Erin as a hostess on a scale from one to 10.

“Erin is a five,” said Sai. “Five, as a hostess.”

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It seemed to be issue after issue on the girls’ trip to the Hamptons. Jessel complained about the heat and WiFi (on top of Jenna Lyons’ lingerie gift). Brynn Whitfield was less-than-happy with not having a Downton Abbey welcome. And Sai brought her own toilet paper and aired grievances about not having enough food.

Anyone keeping up with RHONY Season 14 will see food as a strong theme throughout the episodes, as Andy noted on WWHL. But regarding Erin’s caviar, the “hangry” Sai wanted to clear things up.

“We were traveling all day; we were stuck in traffic,” said Sai. “It’s not that we were expecting lunch, it’s just a schlep. We’re kind of hungry, you know? So, I just expect a sandwich or something.”

Sai said she is “constantly hungry,” something to which RHOA’s Kenya empathized.

“You are like my twin,” Kenya laughed. “I can deal with a lot, but don’t have me hungry. Like, that’s a lot.”

Several RHONY cast members were disappointed to arrive in the Hamptons only to be served caviar and Pringles and other small eats. Erin said she didn’t want Cheese-Gate 2.0, calling caviar a “bougie snack for these bougie bitches.”

“You come to my house, you get fed, you get good drinks, you get good toilet paper, but that’s just me,” Sai told RHONY producers. “Not everybody can be me.”

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