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Pokemon Sleep: How To Expand Box Storage

Jul 29, 2023

Players have limited space in Pokemon Sleep, and here is how to expand box storage for more Pokemon.

Pokemon Sleep is an exciting new way to catch Pokemon. The game requires players to sleep and build up their Drowsy Power. As it continues to increase, players are able to attract more Pokemon and fill their Sleep Style Dex quicker.

Pokemon Sleep players can also use certain items, such as incense, to make things easier. They can be bought from the General Store by spending diamonds. Players can use up to two types of incense before they go to sleep in order to increase the rate of progression. As they catch more and more Pokemon, they will eventually reach their box limit. Thankfully, it can be upgraded with a simple method.

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Players initially start with a storage of 80, and there are a total of 104 Pokemon in the game, and the sleep styles are way more. If players want to capture every single Pokemon, they will definitely have to upgrade the box storage at some point. They can find their current limit by clicking on the Pokemon in the lower left corner of the screen, after which they have to select Pokemon Box. Upon choosing that option, they will be able to see all their current available Pokemon and the limit.

80 is pretty high considering how scarce biscuits are in Pokemon Sleep. It will take some time before players max out their Pokemon storage. If they do manage to fill it, they can opt to increase it by heading to Shop —> General Store —> Items. They can find the option "Expand Pokemon Box." It costs 120 diamonds to increase the limit, which is not a small amount, especially since the currency is not easily obtained.

Players don't need to go to the General Store to upgrade the Pokemon Box. Instead, they can directly upgrade storage capacity while they are in the Pokemon Box. All they need to do is click on the Expand option in the top-right corner. This will bring up a confirmation prompt asking whether the player wants to use 120 diamonds to increase the storage by 20.

In case players don't have enough diamonds to increase the box storage, they can send back some Pokemon to Professor Neroli. It is important to remember that doing so will cause the Pokemon to be lost forever. It is better to send duplicates of the same Pokemon that do not have good Main Skill and Sub Skills.

Pokemon Sleep is available on Android and iOS.

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