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Woman reveals the very clever bag she packs for a weekend break

Aug 01, 2023

A WOMAN has revealed the clever travel bag she packs for a weekend break - and people are comparing it to Mary Poppins.

Posting under the username Lisa on TikTok, the travel whizz explained the best way to prep yourself for a holiday.

The video starts with Lisa showing off her green travel bag of a medium size, and viewers would be forgiven for thinking it couldn't hold all that much.

But the TikToker shows how the incredible bag is able to be unfolded completely, providing maximum space for your cargo.

Available on Amazon, the Modoker Convertible Garment bag is definitely a handy tool for any holidaygoers looking to make the most of their luggage allowance.

Footage then shows her packing a number of items into three separate beige bags.

Neatly storing away clothes, beachwear and underwear into the zipped up bags, Lisa needed a place to pack it all away.

That's when she showed how the trio of bags could be zipped up into the "base" of her nifty green travel bag.

Next, Lisa uses one of the "side" flaps of the bag to pack away all her toiletries in a clear section.

Despite looking small it manages to hold sun cream, shower gel and more.

But the TikToker amazingly finds even more space to cram in her sliders and bedroom slippers in a second compartment found on the side of the bag.

After taking out another small zipped bag to fill up, Lisa begins to pack more toiletries including contact lenses, cotton buds and face cream.

With space already tight, Lisa then fills an even smaller bag full of makeup before packing away jewellery and other accessories.

Viewers were stunned to see her fit all this into the bag and fold it up as if there was nothing in the free space.

As always, TikTokers were quick to take to the comments to weigh in with their opinion.

One said: "Everyone out here questioning why she has so much stuff for a weekend, but honestly I was worried she may need more!"

"I don’t even travel and i need all this," commented a second viewer.

Another said: "What kind of Mary Poppins/Harry Potter bag is this? I need this bag! How do I get this bag?"

In the film Mary Poppins, the title character has a magic carpet bag that contains absolutely anything one might need.

"I'm sorry is that Hermiones beaded bag," quipped a fourth.

While another TikToker described her luggage kit as "the holy grail of weekender bags".