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My garbage bag hack makes doing laundry easier

Jul 07, 2023

A SKILLFUL mom has revealed her handy tip for washing large duvets and quilts at home.

Teresa (@mrsclarkescleaning) demonstrated how she vacuum-packed her duvet in garbage bags to make it small enough to fit inside her washing machine.

She boasts over 20,000 followers on TikTok with regular DIY and cleaning advice posts.

Teresa showed the challenges she faces every time she goes to wash her king-size duvet in an amusing clip.

The mom tried to use her feet to force the duvet into the washing machine but struggled to get it all to fit inside.

“Hack on how to wash your duvet,” read the text over the video.

She looked frustrated but then managed to stuff the duvet into a plastic garbage bag and used a vacuum to suck out all of the air.

The duvet shrank to less than half of the size of what it was originally which made it easy to slide into the washing machine.

She then pulled out the bag and added a non-bio laundry detergent. After a spin, the freshly washed duvet was hung outside to dry.

Teresa turned off the comments on the video but also shared it on Instagram, where it racked up almost 8,000 likes.

She captioned the post: “Life hack- How to get a duvet into your washing machine so you can wash them if you can’t get it all in through the door.

“A couple of the corners of my 15 tog king size duvet had gone yellow (Andy’s sweat).

"It was definitely ready for a wash and with it being nice and windy today, what perfect weather to do so…

“Ps) No I haven’t been to the gym, I just like to dress like I have, but then stripping and making the bed is definitely a workout right?

“I also went and bought some new white bedding and yes I’m one of those who puts it straight on and don’t even iron it.

“Tip: Try and get the quilt as small as you can to get into the washer door, you may still need to do a little pushing.

"Put the open bag end in first without letting out too much air as it will open up inside."

Teresa kept her most important tip for last but really emphasized it, writing: "REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE BAG" before starting the washing machine.

The mom added hashtags including #lifehacks, #laundryhacks, and #laundrytips.

She encouraged people to save the video for future reference and to follow her across social media platforms.

The post came after a video revealing how using a laundry basket to store items can make it easier to clean bathrooms.

Viewers were amazed by her results and said the bathroom is often their most satisfying room to clean.