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Makeup Storage Professional Organizers Recommend

Jul 03, 2023

If your beauty routine has a lot of steps, you likely have a lot of products. From primers to brushes to overnight lip masks, tiny bottle and tubes may be taking over your poor bathroom. For anyone hoping to bring some order into their product collection, we asked three professional organizers to diagnose what leads to bathroom clutter and share their favorite makeup organizers to keep everything in line.

According to Catherine Kelly, founder and lead organizer of Sistamatic Organizing, a big problem keeping makeup areas clean is hanging on to expired makeup and letting your items get, well, crusty. “The most common messes I see are leaky nail polish bottles, broken eyeshadow palettes and dirty makeup brushes,” Kelly said. “You can avoid damaging products by not over-stuffing your makeup storage areas.”

Katrina Green, a professional organizer and founder of Badass Homelife, said that having limited or outdated home storage (hello, tiny midcentury cabinets) can exacerbate disorganization, as you may be overstuffing your drawers and losing in the process. Chinamelum Menakaya, founder of Lavender Organizes, added that buying the wrong shape or sized containers for your bathroom can also create more chaos; you start to fight build-up of both products and bins.

The three organizers all agreed that the first step to organizing your makeup is to purge. Take inventory of what you have, getting rid of any multiples, expired products or things you never use but are still holding on to. Depending on your lifestyle and beauty routine, you may want to organize products by type. You can also group products by what you use the most, the order you use them or any other sequence that makes sense for you.

From there, do some basic measurements of your environment to see which organizers will fit and maximize your flow. Menakaya suggested factoring in space for general overflow, so your daily items can all be readily available. “Everything should have their own space,” she said.

To help you on your product-organizing journey, Kelly, Green and Menakaya shared their favorite makeup organizers.

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