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Drivers astonished by hidden car function that turns storage box into a fridge instantly

Aug 11, 2023

Motorists are only just discovering a hidden function in their car that turns the central storage box into a fridge to keep drinks and snacks cool while on the road

Driving in warm weather is never fun at the best of times, but it can be even more miserable if you need to keep yourself hydrated and find that your bottle of water is no longer cold. But, according to one motoring expert, there could actually be an easy way to keep your drink cold while driving with one simple storage hack.

Apparently, some cars have the ability to turn the central storage box between your driver's seat and your passenger's seat into a mini fridge just by adjusting some settings with your air conditioning. This game-changing hack means you can store a bottle of water in the box and it will stay cold, so you can happily wave goodbye to drinking lukewarm water while on the road.

In a video shared on TikTok by a user called @dongcheshijie, a voice-over explained that you can make use of the little-known feature by turning on the air conditioning in your car on the coldest setting and then opening up your storage box, where you may see a small dial. You then just need to turn that dial until the snowflake symbol is pointing upward, which will allow the cool air from the air conditioner to filter through the box.

The video was captioned: "90% of people don't know the hidden small refrigerator in the car." However, it should be noted that not all cars will have this feature, so you'll need to check to make sure yours does. According to some commenters, some Range Rovers have the feature, as do some Mercedes, with one commenter even claiming their Mercedes E-Class from 2003 has it.

Other car manufacturers will opt for an air-conditioned glove box instead of the central storage box, which works in a similar way. You will need to check your car yourself or refer to your vehicle's user manual to find out whether your specific car has either of the functions available.

And even though the feature isn't available in every car, many commenters were still blown away by the news - with some rushing out to check their vehicles. One person said: "Me running to my vehicle to see if it has this," while another posted: "That's such a cool feature to have," and a third simply said: "Thank you!"

Meanwhile, we also recently shared another little-known car safety feature that some new cars have, which can stop you from getting your fingers trapped in automatically closing windows. A TikTok user explained that all you need to do is pull the window lift switch and hold it for five seconds, which should kickstart the "anti-pinch" function. This should stop the window from closing when it detects there is something blocking its path.

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