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3 genius ways to use the IKEA DRONA box around your home

Oct 12, 2023

And we only wish we had known about these sooner

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Despite its otherwise unassuming appearance, did you know that there are actually multiple uses for the IKEA DRONA box that may not immediately come to mind?

Although you may not recognise it by its name alone, the IKEA DRONA box easily ranks as one of the flat-pack hero staples. More often than not, it's always paired with the cult KALLAX shelves we see so much of in the many IKEA hacks to grace the internet. However, we fear that we may actually be selling this little box short of all its capabilities.

Retailing at only £4 a pop and available in a range of different colours to suit whatever living room colour scheme you've got employed in your home, the IKEA DRONA box is a no-brainer buy for many as a staple for storage and organisation.

Whether it be as a standalone basket in a living room or bedroom to help you fake a tidy home or to maximise storage space in KALLAX shelving, there is little to fault on the DRONA box.

Measuring 33x38x33cm, this storage box is a good size for slightly larger things like clothes, media accessories, and toys and fits perfectly in KALLAX shelving. It's also easy to pull out and lift for portability and ease.

IKEA recently reshared a reel on their UK Instagram by influencer Medina Grillo (@grillodesigns) showcasing three genius ways to use the DRONA box that differ from the obvious of using it as storage – and admittedly, it had us pretty intrigued and impressed.

A post shared by Medina Grillo (@grillodesigns)

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The first hack is to use suspension files (like these from Amazon) to turn the DRONA box into a compact filing system. This is a clever use that we think could definitely make waves in some home office storage ideas.

Say goodbye to loose paper wreaking havoc in your home office. Since it's so compact as well, we think it's perfect for a small home office.

As we soon bid adieu to summer, we probably want to make the most of the sunshine. If you want to work in your garden but hate the glare that comes from the sun, consider using a DRONA box to shield the sun.

Simply turn the box over and place your laptop inside. This one's pretty ingenious, we've got to admit.

And of course, the obvious use for the DRONA box: storage. To really maximise its storage output, consider stacking smaller boxes within them to aid you in organising living room shelves and the like.

There's nothing more we love than a buy that gives us both style and function and even better yet, if it's got a span for multiple uses.

Which one was your favourite?

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Jullia Joson is Ideal Home’s Junior Writer. She’s always loved all things homes and interiors, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Nottingham in 2022. Previously, she was an Intern Editor for ArchDaily. Now focused on news stories, Jullia can be found down the TikTok and Pinterest rabbit hole scrolling through any new and upcoming trends, hacks, and home inspiration.

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